Hage Industries

We're a company that creates companies.


A product studio

Hage Industries is a small team that focuses on big ideas. We partner with founders to create new products and services, and build teams to scale them as independent companies. We focus on just a few projects at a time, creating new businesses that have a big impact on their markets.


Design + Data

Designing and building consumer services since 2008, the Hage Industries team has identified many techniques that help create successful companies.

We help companies avoid common pitfalls in early-stage ventures, and actively remove roadblocks along the way. We are open-ended problem solvers with multidisciplinary backgrounds and a meticulous focus on successful execution.

We are your hands-on partner who will help to craft the brand, build the prototype, and iterate towards product-market-fit. We specialize in product strategy, system design, and user experience.


We specialize in not specializing.



How we got here

Since 2008, Hage Industries has been building innovative consumer web and mobile products with founders and brands of all sizes across a variety of industries including film, music, apparel, financial services, and advertising. We have always excelled at unconventional solutions to open-ended business problems and creative visions, and take great care in recognizing the nuances of what will make each project stand out.



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